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Item Zeolite
Product Name Zeolite
Product Keyword Zeolite
Description Zeolite is a kind of ledged hydrated alkali or alkaline earth silicate minoml which has particular structure and crystal chemical character.
Features It can be used as high quality portland cement, anti-acid desiccant, organic exhaust gas burning catalyzer, zeolite power, pesticide granule, feedstuff additive, soil dressing, washing additive, deodorizer and padding of plastic and resin: it can also be used in macromolecule chemical, rubber, cosmetic, coating, man-made leather, separating oxygen and azote from air, desalting seawater, building material, electronic, paper making, food, environmental water decontaminate etc.
Index Name Index
Zeolite Content % > = 98
Static Absorption % > = 12
Cauterant % < 1.74
Absorption Of Ammonium meg/100g > 130
Density g/cm 1.92 - 2.80
Safety / Quality Approvals ISO 9001