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Main Product Name
Item Taurine
Product Name Taurine
Product Keyword Taurine, 2-amino ethylsufonic acid, C2H7NO3S
Description White crystal or needle crystalline powder
  • Taste slightyly acid, soluble in water insoluble in ethyl or acetone.
  • It can be added into beverages complex monosodium glutamate, bean products, dairy products for infant, and acts as additive for health care and nourishment.
  • It can be also be used as fodder additive for aquaculture and animals breed, intermediates for detergents and chemical agents, etc.
  • Additionally, it can be used for the treatment of cold fever neuralgia, tonsillitis, bronchitis, rheumatic arthritis and drug poisoning, etc. It will be used widely.
Specification Clarity Of Solution: clear
Easily Carbonized Substances: colorless
Assay (Anhydrous): > = 98.5
Chloride: < = 0.011%
Sulphate: < = 0.014
Heavy Metals (As pb): < = 10ppm
Arsenic: < = 2ppm
Loss On Drying: < = 0.20%
Clcined Residue: < = 0.10%
Amminium Salt: < = 200ppm
Safety / Quality Approvals