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Main Product Name
Item Sodium Bicarbonate
Product Name Sodium Bicarbonate
Product Keyword Sodium Bicarbonate
Description White crystal powder, odorless, soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol. The liquid appears weak alkalinity and resolves acutely with acid. When heated, it gives out carbon dioxide.
Features Widely used as chemical reagent, inorganic compound, medicine, leather processing, food additive, textile, dyeing industries extinguishing, detergent and fertilizer.
Index Standard
Total Alkali Content (By NaHCO3) % 99.0-100.5
Heavy Metal Content (by PB) % < = 0.0005
Arsenic Content (As) % < = 0.0001
PH Value (10G/L) < = 8.6
Loss On Dry < = 0.20
Ammonium Salt Content % pass
Transparency pass
Safety / Quality Approvals ISO9001, ISO14001