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Skived-Fin Heat Sink


The skived Fin Heat Sink is more geared than the traditional ones to the need of dissipating heat for high-end computers with a high clock rate. Generally, the heat sink performance depends on the density of fins, material, geometry, and overall surface heat transfer coefficient. Our products stand out among out competitors' that are made using Extrusion and Bonding process, for example the thickness of the fins of our product can be reduced as much as to 0.25 ~ 0.8 mm, the distance between fins can be shortened as much as to 0.5mm and their height can reach 60mm, the ratio of height thickness is around 150 times. With the same size of heat sinks, ours have increased the heat dissipation surface area by 50% more than that of the traditional ones. We have solved the insurmountable problems one by one encountered by traditional ways to produce heat sinks.

  • Product Features:
  • Our products satisfy the need of high performance electronic components residing in PCs, servers, notebook computers, power supplier, and etc. which produce large amounts of heat during operation, to dissipate the heat in order to keep these components within their safe operation temperatures.
  • Compared to traditional heat sinks of the same size, our products have a heat dissipation surface area 50% more, yet with a weight 20% less than the others ones.
  • Our technology broke through the restrictions of the traditional methods, the thickness of the skived fins is reduced to 0.25-0.8 mm, and the distance between 2 fins shorten to 0.5mm, and the height of fins reaches 60mm.
  • Our R& D innovated a new process to make one-piece heat sinks. The fins of the heat sink stand upright, the roots of the fins and the base surface area are skived from one block of good thermal conductor such as copper or aluminum material, without any cracks or defects.