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Typical Specification

Item \ Grade56/58°C
Paraffin Wax
Paraffin Wax
(145°F) Paraffin Wax
Melting Point (ASTM D87,°F)56-5858-6060-64
Oil Content (ASTM D721, WT%) Max0.50.50.5
Color (SAYBOLT or ASTM)+28/+30+28/+30+28/+30
Needle Penetration
(ASTM D1321, mm/10AT 77°F)
Kin. Viscosity
(ASTM D445, CST AT 212°F)
Flash Point (ASTM D92)°C248250254
Ultraviolet Absorbance
FDA 172-886, FDA 178, 3710

Water Proof Paper BoardVVV
Water-Proof, Moisture-Proof, Oxidation-Proof Packing PaperVVV
Water-Proof, Heat-Proof, Oil-Proof Paper ContainerVVV
Heat Melting Glue VV
Rubber Anti-Aged Agent  V
Polishing Wax, Car Wax, Floor Wax, Shoes PolisherV 
Textile Industry, Dye IndustryVV 
Plywood IndustryV V
Ceramic Industry  V
Crayon And Stationery Industry VV
Plastic Finishing, Mold Lubricant V 
Chlorinated WaxVV 
Dry Battery Industry VV
Rodenticide  V
Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals  V

Comparison Of Our Material Against Chinese Material
1)Our material is food grade with FDA approved.
2)Our oil content is 0.5% max. and Chinese material may reach 2-3% max.
3)The color of Chinese wax is easy to turn yellow while it is under UV rays.
4)Our penetration is between 12-16, our material is hard, but Chinese material is soft.
5)Chinese wax with odour which could be smelled, but ours is odourless.
6)Our product is treated by hydrogen cracking. Only a few countries, such as Germany, Canada and Taiwan can produce such quality.
7)While burning the candle produced from our wax, it won't cause sulphur and benzene. Our product can manufacture qualified candle for export to U.S.A. and European countries as our product is FAD approved. However, Chinese material cannot meet such standard.