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Main Product Name
Item Optical Brightener VBL
Product Name Optical Brightener VBL
Product Keyword Whitening agent for cellulose base fiber and cotton fabric, white pattern in discharge printing of cotton fabric. Brightening agent for light colored cellulose base fiber.
Description Slight yellow granule
  • With bluish violet color.
  • Soluble in soft water as much as 80 times weight, 300 ppm in hard water.
  • Anionic type, alkali endurable, can be used in one bath of anionic and nonionic surfactant.
  • To be unendurable ion of copper and iron, etc. Unsuitable to be used in cationic dyestuff and surfactant.
  • Appearance: Slight yellow granule
  • Fluorescent Color: Similar to the standard sample
  • Whitening strength: 100 ± 3 (compared with standard sample)
  • Moisture: < = 5%
  • Fineness (80 mesh residue): < = 5%
Safety / Quality Approvals