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Main Product Name
Item Methomyl Tech 95% Min
Product Name Methomyl
Product Keyword Methomyl Tech
Description Pure product is colourless crystals. Technical is yellowish crystal.
Features Pure product is white crystal, with a slight sulfurous, melting point 78-79degreeC. The solubility (25°C) is: 58g/kg water; 720g/kg ethanol; 1kg/kg methanol; 30g/kg toluene. Technical is yellowish crystal. Stablity, its queous solution decomposes slowly at room temperature, more rapidly in alkaline media; In sunlight or at higher temperature, decoposes rapidly in soil.It is used to control many kinds insects including: Cotton aphid, American bollworn, black cutworms, stalk borers, cabbage aphids, cabbage caterpillars, rice fulgorids and thrips on field crops, cotton, grapes, cereal crops, maize and sugar beet, vegetable, ornamentals and etc.
Specification 95% min. Tech, 40% SP, 24% W/W SL
Safety / Quality Approvals ISO9001, ISO14001, GB/T28001