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Non-Halogen and Non-Heavy metal Flame-Retardant

Major Categories of Products

  Plastic Rubber Paint Adhesive Fabric Peaf
Product PE / PVC / PP/ EVA FRP / PU wall, wooden, furniture, etc. wall paper, carpet curtain, car, race clothes block heat and noisy
Categories     * Clear/Milky
* Instumescent / oninstumescent
* Water / Oil Based
* Clearly/Milky
* Instumescent / Non-instumescent
* Water / Oil Based
* Nylon/Non Nylon
* Water/Oil Based
* C oating / Dipping


Remark Depend on the plastic / rubber would apply different flame retardant

Instumescent - Drop - Instumescent - Drop

  Non nylon means Cotton  
  • Some of products have pass the test BS Standard (apply in British) and Industrial Technology Research Institute Center for Aviation and space Technology in Taiwan.
  • Pass Disney World's Flame retardant test for baby's car (360 second flame - retardant vs. 90 second standard).
  • Via cooperation company, company Formosa Plastic Corp have assigned PEAF to build up their factory building.