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LiFePO4 Type Of Materials For Lithium-ion Battery Cathode

At present we represent a leading manufacturer in Taiwan batteries industry and can offer you supreme ferrous cathode material for batteries (SFCM, LiFePO4 type). The manufacturer has been in leading edge of cathode material lithium-ion and lithium polymer batteries for many years. If your products exported to European countries, you might have noticed the RoHS & WEEE directives and need a substitute for your cathode materials.

LiFexPOy Type Advantages
LiFexPOy Type could replace other materials for lithium-ion battery cathodes due to the following advantages:
* High theoretical and practical capacity
* High thermal stability
* Excellent cycle life
* Low cost to battery manufacturers
* Environmentally friendly

Our SFCM Leading Edges:
* Ease of slurry formation
* High solid content
* High consistency in slurry characteristics
* High rolling density
* No peeling off problem after rolling
* No need for the change of electrode processing protocols
* Steady and sufficient supply
* Stable quality and excellent capacity
* Reasonable price

Target Market For SFCM Battery:
* Cordless power tool
* Emergency lighting
* Medical equipment
* Electric vehicle (bike, scooter, etc.)
* Electric wheel chair
* Energy Storage (solar, etc.)
* R/C