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Main Product Name
Item Furfural Alcohol
Product Name Furfural Alcohol
Product Keyword Mainly used to manufacture furfuryl alcohol resin, which is used as binder of sand core of thermal core shooting box in precise foundry industry. Also furfuryl alcohol is used to manufacture tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol, anti-corrosion coating, etc. And used as solvents, thinner or other organic raw material.
Description Colorless to light yellow color, transparent liquid.
Features It is made from furfural by means of catalysis with hydrogen added in. It is colorless to light yellow color, transparent liquid with bitter almond smell and becomes brown light yellow or deep red when exposed in the air. It can be mixed with water and many organic solvents such as alcohol, ether, acetone etc., but not dissolved in paraffin wax and other hydrocarbon products.
Item Specification
Appearance Colorless to light yellow color, transparent liquid
Purity (%) 98.0 Min
Furfural (%) 0.7 Max
Moisture (%) 0.3 Max
Acid (mol/L) 0.01 Max
Density (P20) g/ml 1.129-1.135
Refractive index (nP20) 1.485-1.488
Colud Point ('C) 10.0 Max