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Bio Nano Cellulose Mask

What is Bio Nano Cellulose Mask ?
Bio Nano Cellulose is a natural bio product by bacteria. It is a new developed mask pack containing various face essence with the function to bleach, tranquilize the skin, eliminate wrinkle and care pimples on the gel typed bio cellulose. The diameter is only 30 nanometers, one of 133rd to non woven fabric mask, 3D reticular tissue, high absorptive power and excellent expansibility.

Characteristic s of Nanofacial:
Bio Nano Cellulose is the smallest natural bio cellulose, the diameter even smaller than skin lines. Deep thoroughly wrinkle lines, absorb a plenty of essence into the skin lines as a pack beauty treatment in maintenance cosmetology.

Main Material Ensemble:

Matrixyl (Elasticity)
Germany patent formulation, intensify the collagen, strengthen of the elasticity skin, smoothened, firmer and youthful. Excite Collagen I, III, IV and Fibronectin.

Germany, European, Japanese patent formulation. Nourishes and extended the contractibility skin, revitalize the smoothened skin line and weakened aged. Incl. Acetyl Hexapeptide-3

Elasticity the skin in the shortest time, refreshing, smoothened touching and soft tender. Observe and feel youth without any vestige trace. Extract of Neutral charged polysaccharide (Incl Locust Bean (Ceratonia)) Gum and Selective protein hydrolysate (Incl. Hydrolyzed wheat gluten)

Melaclear 2
As usage of Collagen Enzyme, strengthen revitalize, suppressed tyrosinase and melanin to reach a real whiteness. Incl. 1.1% ß Carotene, 2% Gluconic Acid; 2% Dithio octanediol

The Relation Of Skin and Fiber

The differentiates Nanofacial from the traditional non woven fabric mask:

  • The non woven fabric mask could not matches tightly to the skin and liable desiccant; but the Bio Nano Cellulose mask making essence to be placed into skin easily.
  • Good absorptive power is 10 times comparing with that of non-woven one.
  • Used within 20 minutes for the skin softened, smooth touch and whitening effect.

The Comparison Table:

  Nanofacial Non Woven Fabric Pulp
Diameter (nm) 2 ~ 50 500 ~ 5000 20000 ~ 50000
Length (mm) No way to measure   1 - 5
Structure A three dimension reticular tissue   Random Tissue

Use Nanofacial after 20 mins

Use non woven fabric mask after 20 mins