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Main Product Name
Item Benzyl Beenzoate
Product Name Benzyl Beenzoate
Product Keyword Used as plasticizer of cellulose, paint and PVC, perfume-fixing agents of musk, substitute of camphors.
Description Colorless or light yellow transparent oily liquid.
Features Colorless or light yellow transparent oily liquid, slight and aromatic odor, specific gravity: 1.116-1.120, boiling point: 324'C, soliditying point: 18'C, flash point: 148'C, refractive index: 1.568-1.570.

Product: ADM

Item Specification
Assay (%) 99.0 Min
Acidity (Mg/g) 0.3 Max
Refractive Index 1.568-1.570
Specific Gravity 1.118-1.222
Melting Point 17'C
Safety / Quality Approvals