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Main Product Name
Item Benzyl Alcohol
Product Name Benzyl Alcohol
Product Keyword Used in essences and chemical commodities.
Description Colorless and transparent liquid.
Features Colorless and transparent liquid, fruit and jasmine smell, melting point íV15.3'C, boiling point 205.3'C, relative density 1.0419 (24/4'C). It can be mixed with water and many organic solvents.

Product: ADM

Item Specification
Content (%) 99.5 Min
Distillation Range at 203-206 °C 94 Min
Relative Density 1.042-1.047
Refractive index (20'C) 1.539-1.541
Aldehyde (%) 0.1 Max
Residue on ignition (%) 0.005 Max
Chloride (%) 0.005 Max
Color (Hz) 10 Max
Water (%) 0.1 Max
Safety / Quality Approvals